Tue, 13 Nov 2018

Complimentary Datatool TrakKing Adventure Tracker now fitted with all new Honda bike purchases!

There's nothing like having the full reassurance that your bike is safe and secure. That's why you'll be delighted to learn that all Honda motorcycles purchased from the 2nd July, will now come with a complimentary Datatool TrakKing Adventure GPS Tracker – fitted at no extra cost.

Just purchase any Honda bike here at Craig's Motorcycles and start taking advantage of this fantastic tool that gives you complete peace of mind, regardless of where your travels take you.

How the Datatool  Adventure Tracker works

  • TrakKing Adventure activates as soon as your bike is stationary, at which point it starts to monitor for signs of unauthorised activity.
  • In the event that movement is detected, TraKKing Adventure will automatically send you an SMS.
  • If it is confirmed by yourself that a theft has taken place, TraKKing Adventure goes into alert mode and will notify both the dedicated 24/7/365 Vehicle Monitoring Team as well as the Police.

Thanks to instant notification of theft, recovery of the stolen bike is far more likely than if the theft is reported several hours later. And what's better? It's all available directly on your phone with free iOS and Android apps.

Offering a complete range of fantastic features to give you full control of your ride, it's the perfect accessory that will ensure you're making the most of your pride and joy. For more information, give us a call at Craigs Motorcycles on 01924 488117.