Mon, 7 Sep 2020

Honda reaches ten years of production of dual clutch transmission technology for motorcycles

The original VFR1200F and Honda’s current DCT line-up The evolution of DCT

Honda is marking a decade since its Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) technology first appeared in its two-wheeled product line-up.

Having first appeared in dealerships across Europe on the VFR1200F sports tourer, Honda’s DCT remains unique in the world of powered two-wheelers. In total, over 140,000 machines with DCT have been sold in Europe, and in 2019, 45% of Africa Twins, 52% of NC750X’s and 67% of Gold Wings sold in Europe were the DCT version.

Its success has been in large part due to a constant evolution of the technology, with refinements to the smoothness and timing of the gear shifts, and adaptations to match the riding characteristics required of a broad range of different models. Examples include an off-road focussed ‘G switch’ addition for the Africa Twin and X-ADV, and synchronisation with Hill Start Assist, Walking Mode and Idling Stop on the flagship GL1800 Gold Wing luxury tourer.

For more information about the evolution of DCT technology, click here to read an interview with Dai Arai, the Chief Engineer responsible for guiding the evolution of DCT since the original VFR1200F.

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