Wed, 26 Jul 2017

The all-new CBR1000RR Fireblade is finally here

Finally here, the brand-new 2017 Fireblade is the next step of Total Control, bringing a lighter-than-ever and sharper performance to the Honda supersport range. Still following the core philosophies, design goals and core ideas built into the original 1992 edition, the brand-new Blade features an all-new frame, bodywork and engine.

An all-time high in power for the CBR series, the bottom end torque and high-end power have both been improved, significantly at the top end, bringing it up 8kW to 141kW at 13,000 rpm. Even more customisation to fit your riding style have been offered too, with three selectable modes of engine output.

Not just the core has received an overhaul though - the exterior has been fully overhauled from top to bottom. Featuring newly crafted sharp, edgy lines and a gorgeous deep red tone; this machine was meant to intimidate the competition. It's thunderous and charismatic engine brings a unique sound, feel and way to ride, but will still be familiar to fans of the series, with its unforgivably Honda tone and feel. Lightweight, monstrous power all while remaining in full control of the riders hands.

Book a demo ride today and explore what the Fireblade is all about, or speak to our team to learn more.